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ERASMUS accredited Board Organization

The very first step we shall take is the creation of the Erasmus Monitoring Team made of the Headmaster Mr. Zimmerschied, the Erasmus Coordinator Lorellei Visan and the middle school coordinator Luisa Fotopoulos. They are responsible for all decisions concerning the project, for the preparation, implementation, results expected, evaluation and dissemination of the general program.

The Erasmus Coordinator is responsible for the finances, the permanent contact with and the regular report to the National Agency and the digital management of the whole Erasmus program via our new digital platform itslearning. She is also in permanent contact with the Erasmus coordinators in the partner countries and will provide support to her colleagues and her partners. She holds regular meetings with the projects' coordinators and discuss the progress and results achieved in the project, as well as the challenges met.

Besides the three members of the Erasmus monitoring team, we have several smaller teams made of up four to eight teachers and coordinated by of them. These project managers will be in charge with the selection of their mobilities' participants and the preparation, organization and evaluation of their mobilities. This includes the permanent contact with the project coordinator in the partner school, practical arrangements concerning students' fair selection and matching, travel, linguistic support, accommodation, visa applications, travel and health insurance and information on health and dietary habits. Besides they organize the students', teams' and parents' meetings and ensure parental consent and appropriate information on possible cultural clashes and any other relevant issues. During the mobilities they are their students' mentors and in permanent contact with their students, their parents and the host school's project coordinator. Previous to their mobilities they will hold preparatory meetings with the participant teachers and/or students. They will delegate the above-mentioned tasks to the teachers in their teams fairly.

Designed as a helpful device for the project participants, the Erasmus course uploaded by the Erasmus coordinator on itslearning provides each of the project coordinators with all the necessary information about the Erasmus programme in our school and the individual mobilities, such as the general information and timelines, a data base with the necessary papers, the forms regarding students' application and registration for the program and their personal information, the parental consent form, the rules for an appropriate behavior etc. All documents are stored digitally and can be accessed at any time by all teachers involved in Erasmus projects. Samples of the previous mobility plans that took place in Berlin are also available there to ease the planning of mobilities in our school. Possible partners, including theatres, museums and other organizations will be listed as well, together with an Erasmus quality standards check-up list.



Erasmus Coordinator: l.visan(at)fosbe.de

Headmaster: s.zimmerschied(at)fosbe.de

Middle School Coordinator: l.fotopolous(at)fosbe.de