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Welcome to Erasmus+ DIGINAME

Our project focusses on the importance of modern media in the daily life of our youngsters. We often believe that they are digitally well-informed and tech-savy but they are frequently unaware of the many dangers that exist online and do not question contact their sources of information. With this project we want to help our students acquire tools to surf the online world in a safer and more conscious way.Our project includes 5 schools from 5 different countries. We intend to have online meetings with our partners to plan our work strategies and cooperate in the development of our activities. Students will get in contact with each other through eTwinning and work together there and on other online platforms. While sharing all our knowledge and different good practices, we will use methods and techniques that involve active participation and collaborative work, such as surveys, data analysis, workshops, research and solution-oriented activities. Moreover, we expect to raise the consciousness of our students on the need to develop their critical thinking and lead them to take responsible action so as to become more active and better-informed citizens.  We will show our activities and results on the eTwinning pages that will be visible to everybody, on the project websites that we will create, on the existing pages of each partner school, local media, Facebook and Instagram.


Project link e-diginame.org


Partner schools:

Agrupamento de Escolas da Lixa, Portugal https://aelixa.pt

Tarsus Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Tarsus, Turkey, http://tarsuseml.meb.k12.tr/tema/

Efterskolen Solgården, Tarm, Denmark, https://www.solgaarden.dk

JENSEN Gymnasium Helsingborg, Sweden, https://www.jensengymnasium.se/helsingborg