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WEBS learning mobility in Berlin 2022

The third WEBS learning mobility took place in Berlin in November 2022 as it was posponed because of the Covid epidemic.

 It started with a gather up in the school's aula, a presentation of the students to one another, as well as a brief introduction to their schools and a school tour. The students then had lunch in the school canteen and were given a crash course in German, which required quite some physical activity as well. Besides that, the activities were focused on the common experience of the Cold War and World War 2, as these were the two activities which were mostly mentioned in the common historical events in the letters the students wrote to one another in their letters. Using the educational multilingual augmented reality app from the Histroy Museum, the students experienced how the Cold War felt in Berlin like. Guided multilingual tours of the city by bus and on foot, as well as the visits of the Wall memorial, the Jewish memorial and the Spy museum offered more input on the above mentioned topics, as well as raised more awareness on the importance of cooperation among different nations.

The students bilingual and multilingual skills were employed all the time, as they had to create a final video in English, which illustrated their experiences during the week and which had to have subtitles in an many languages as possible.

As previously mentioned, the students made use of and thus improved their multilingual skills, learnt more about the world wards, the Cold war and the cooperation between various nationalities. They also learnt about the connections between their own ancestors and Germany. Learning about the mistakes of the past, the students are more aware of the importance of communication and understanding, which happens by means of language. They are more ware of the assets of being multilingual in today's Europe.


Participant teachers:

Mrs. Visan (Project coordinator)

Mrs. Fotopoulos (Co-coordinator)

Mrs. Kaup

Mrs. Lescano

Mrs. Buller-Douche


Students of Year 10