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Welcome to Erasmus+ LGTBQ at school

The activities planned in our project make known on the one hand legally, culturally and socially a reality that we live with and that is subject to media stereotypes because it is not usually discussed in educational settings. On the other hand, they make visible and, in that sense, help to normalize sexual options and break stereotypes. Thus, fostering knowledge and understanding, tolerance is generated and, in this way, a safer environment is built for our students. If LGTB students do not feel ashamed, they are more likely to report if they suffer any type of harassment and, in this way, in addition to improving coexistence, we help prevent school dropouts. Likewise, we break stereotypes to encourage study. The LGTB celebrities of reference in our project are not only artists, but also politicians, writers, mathematicians … This knowledge contributes, in general, to better understanding the European cultural heritage, including pop that is treated in this project as one of the pioneering areas in the elimination of gender stereotypes and, also, due to its undoubted value in the popular culture of the twentieth century

By involving families, the fabric of tolerance and understanding is strengthened. Teachers will also have more acting tools, since there are workshops planned so that we learn what we do wrong or what we do not do but we should. Knowing the new family models and normalizing them will facilitate integration in schools and, therefore, improve lives of students. Our LGBT students or those with two mothers do exist. The truth is that some do not dare to come out and this reduces their social life. Likewise, on trips and excursions, when distributing the rooms, teachers have to reflect on what criteria we are using and which ones are correct. If all this is done from the honesty, expressing our doubts, ignorance or fears, if we are in a position to listen empathically, we can all learn and do it in the best way. But if we don't talk, if we huddle because we don't know which room to put a trans girl in instead of speaking it freely and expressing our doubts openly and with respect, we create difficult situations for our students.

The project dignifies the situation of our LGTB students because, firstly, it enjoys national and European institutional prestige and, secondly, it involves a wide sector of each school and their respective educational communities.


Partner Schools

Instituto Educación Secundaria La Rosaleda, http://www.ieslarosaleda.com

Liceul Teoretic "Aurel Lazar", www.alazar.ro

GO! Atheneum Centrum Oostende, https://www.athenaoostende.be/