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Erasmus WEBS in Roermond

As part of the Erasmus+ project WEBS we visit from 26.01. until 31.01.2020 the Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin in Roermond (Netherlands) and work with two other schools from Spain and Poland.

Day 1 - 26.01.2020

We had a very long journey to Roermond, but everything worked out. In the evening Roermond visits us very friendly.

Day 2 - 27.01.2020

The second day in Roermond started with the presentation of our school, after that we did some workshops and our exchange partners guided us through their school. Later we went to the city center and played some city games in groups.

Day 3 - 28.01.2020

Today we went to visit the city of Maastricht. At first we made a guided tour though some very nice caves and after that we made another one through the city itself. Later on we made some challenges and spend our free time with our exchanges.