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WEBS Common Roots mobility to Crakow in 2022

The second WEBS Common Roots mobility was organized by our Polish partner in Crakow and focused on the topic of bilingual families and their historical roots, as well as on our common historical roots and events throughout time.

Thus the daily activities included the following workshops in the morning: a guided multilingual tour of medieval Crakow and common events during the Middle Age, tracing our common European identity in the Rynek Underground Museum, the creation of surveys and video interviews on bilingualism and multilingualism. Besides we visited the former Jewish district and  the Nowa Huta districts in which we were guided through our common history.

 In the afternoons we had numerous diverse activities aimed to getting acquainted to the Polish culture and finding common traits to our own. Among others we also learnt how to cook the national Polish dish pierogi and the Polish pretzel in a workshop organized in English the town center.

To closure up, the mobility was ended with some climbing activities and a disco party, which all students were thrilled about. Seeing the interest the students took in the Cold War and the Second World War, we decided to focuss on theses apects in the following learning exchanges as well, whereas Berlin is full of traces, but France less.

The students have all made us of all their language and computer skills as they created videos in different languages, they have improved their knowledge on historical events that affected Poland in the 20th century. Besides they improved their intercultural skills, as they interacted not only in English with all students corespondents, but also with their families, friends and teachers from the other schools. They also learnt to respect and appreciate other traditions and cultures.


Participant teachers:

Mrs. Visan (Project coordinator)

Mrs. Lescano


Students of Year 10