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ERASMUS accredited projects results and dissemination

Our strategy includes dissemination followed by integration of the results not only by the participants to the mobilities, but also by the participants to the above-mentioned meetings.
Within our weekly Wednesday Erasmus meetings after each mobility the traveling students provide feedback to all project participants and also to their classmates referring to their experience in the culture and school visited. These meetings have proven very fruitful so far, since the students not only bring improvement ideas, but also ponder the many positives our school has as compared to others. We also plan to continue getting groups of travelling students from different projects and mobilities together and to giving them the possibility to exchange information. The feedback the students give to their classmates is a very important basis for the selection of the aspects we decide to introduce in our schools.

Furthermore, the travelling teachers exchange information and collect ideas to be integrated in our school throughout the trips, during the post-mobility Erasmus meetings, but also in the teachers' symposiums and the general conferences, in which the result videos are always shown and a short summary of the mobility's results is given. Students are invited to the general conferences as well, and together with the participant students they name the best aspects about the learning and teaching in the visited school. These are discussed about with the whole staff.

Additionally, in the mobilities we include besides teachers and students our social workers, too, who introduce our social work system to the host social workers, gather information on the challenges and advantages of the social work abroad and share it with their colleagues in their monthly meetings.
Finally we have made it to a tradition to have an Erasmus Breakfast in our first general conference at the beginning of a new school year. There the Erasmus representatives together with the Erasmus participant teachers present the projects they took part at and their results.

Having had so many opportunities to learn about the aspects to be implemented, depending on the aspect, teachers decide individually as well as in groups within the teachers' symposiums, which and how the aspect selected is integrated in class, respectively in our regular work.